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Raroa Music Centre is a music initiative through the Ministry of Education aimed for students 5-12 years old and offers tuition in 10 different instruments from beginner to advanced level, and four general music classes - music basics, choir, orchestra, and ukulele group. 



1. Decide what you want to learn, and whether you will need to hire an instrument. Remember you can only learn one Level 1 instrument at a time.

2. Understand your skill level. If you are a beginner enrol in any Level 1 (beginner) class that suits you. If you have learnt an instrument before, check the Skill Level Guidelines to choose a class at the right skill level.  If you are not sure, enrol in a beginner class and make a note in your enrolment form, so the teacher can assess you at the first lesson and move you to a higher level class if need be. Children who enrol in a higher level class and are not at the required level will be removed from the class. We are not able to offer students a place in a lower level class.

3. View the Class Timetable to pick the class time that suits you. Or view Our Classes >> and choose which instrument to view the courses available. For example, Our Classes >> Choir, Music Basics, Orchestra.

4. Know when and where. Be sure to review the Calendar and Instrument Hire information.

5. Go to Costs page to see what your fees will be for the year. There may be additional costs for music, or extras, such as drum sticks or music books (see Require Resources). Fees are paid to the Centre for:

  • Centre fees ($60 for single child; $100 for family per year)
  • Keyboard or drum fee ($30 per year)
  • Instrument hire if needed ($150 per year)
  • Suggested koha (or donation) of $40, or to offer to help out at the Centre during the year



Returning students: login and enrol

You can use your User ID and password from last year to log in and confirm your family's details for 2019. Click here to login. If you've forgotten your login in and password then you can request it by clicking on the words I Have Forgotten My Username or Password.


You can add a new student to your family group or remove a student who has left.  Please check that your email address, phone number, school and home address are still correct, and update the school year that your child is in.  You must use an email address that is checked regularly so the Centre and your tutor can communicate with you.


Remember we rely on parent help to run the centre and provide morning tea for the tutors. Please remember to indicate how you will help out.


Then select your class, and hire an instrument if you need one.


Pay for all outstanding items (the centre fee, the instrument hire fee, the keyboard or drum fee and the suggested koha) together (we prefer Internet banking).


You will get an email asking you to validate your email address. This must be done before the first day of classes. If you do not validate your email address you may lose your place.


Remember you can log into the registration system at any time to update your registration details and see what classes you have enrolled in.