General classes - music basics, orchestra, choir

Below you can find information about class age limits and required instruments and music books. For new students, please see our RMC Skill Level Guidelines for more information. To join a Level 1 class, the student does not need to have any previous experience.

Music Books and Required Instruments should be acquired before the first day or on the first day from Music Warehouse in the staff room.


Music Class           Age Limit Music Book Required Instrument Notes   
Music Basics                                                                                           5-7 years old                                          N/A                                                                                 Teacher will provide                                                                                                                        

This course introduces the basics of music and movement.

Together with physical activities including singing, clapping, dancing, and more, young students will be introduced to basic musical concepts which will help them transition into our instrumental and/or group classes when they’re older.

Choir 7+ years old Teacher will provide Voice Everybody welcome. Your child will learn songs and have the opportunity to perform them.  
Orchestra 7+ years old Teacher will provide You will need to have your own instrument. Everybody who has learned an instrument for at least one year is welcome.  












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