Welcome to Raroa Music Centre

RAROA MUSIC CENTRE offers a high standard of music tuition to children at primary or intermediate school from the age of 6 years upwards. The emphasis at the Centre is on musical education that is also fun for the children. The Music Centre offers tuition in 11 instruments from beginner to advanced level, and offers three general music classes - choir, orchestra and ukelele group. All lessons are held in groups with the children starting together at the beginning of the year. Our teachers are established music teachers; some are also professional musicians. Classes are on Saturdays between 9am and 1pm at Raroa Normal Intermediate School, Haumia Street, Johnsonville.

Raroa takes enrolments at the beginning of each year. Children cannot start classes at the beginning of terms two, three or four.

All classes are running on Sat 8 April. Classes start again on Sat 6 May. Don't forget to practise over the holidays!

YMP (Jazz) visit to Raroa Music Centre, 2014